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Legum Baccalaureus (LL. B.)

We do justice in order to achieve the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Justice does not regard personality.
MARCH 24, 1948

Those of you who are about to enter life, be on your guard against these people. Those of you who have still to continue your studies for sometime, do not allow yourselves to be exploited by any political party or self-seeking politician. As I said the other day, your main occupation should be in fairness to yourselves, in fairness to your parents and indeed, in fairness to the state, to devote your attention solely to your studies. It is only this that you can equip yourselves for the battle of life that lies ahead of you. Only thus you can be an asset and a source of strength and Pride to your State. Only thus, you can assist it in solving the great social and economic problems that confront it and enable it to reach it destined goal among the most progressive and strong nations of the world.

Nasir Nazir Butt S/o. Nazir Ahmed Butt (Fta Fut)
MA (Political Science), MBA (Finance), LL. B., Islamic Correspondence Course.
Permanent Address: House No. 8, Street No. 1, Mohallah Karmabad, Post Office Rehman Pura, LAHORE No. 16, Post Code No. 54600.
Present Address: House No. 47-D/2, Islam Street No. 5, Karnal Pura, Shah Kamal, near Masjid-e-Aouqaf, Ichhra, LAHORE No. 16, Post Code No. 54600.
Phone Nos. (Office): 0092-42-37504467, 0092-312-4624078, & 0092-333-4076420, Personal: 0092-321-4624078
Office: Nasir Law Associates (Jurists' House)
Blood Group: O+ve
Message: Do smile, it increases face value. To seek knowledge should be motto of everyone, because it never ends as the life never ends. Life runs after life. Fear of Allah makes a person brave and bold. Always strive/committed for justice even expeditious justice.

E-mail addresses and web sites

Nizam-ud-Din Khan S/o. Abdul Ghafoor Khan (Senior Solicitor)
MA (Political Science), MA (Economics), Computer & Computing C & G London, Computer Literacy and Information Technology, Huddersfield, (England).
LL. B. (PULC).
Chamber: Nizam Law Chambers, 33-S-59, Ameer Ali Shaire Road, Gawal Mandi, Near Ga'anda Engine, LAHORE.
Phone Nos. 0092-42-7359025, 7239408, & 0300-4177828 - Fax No.: 0092-42-6362058.
Permanent Address: Tafrruj, 4, Shadab Colony, Temple Road, LAHORE No. 54000.
Phone No.: 0092-42-6306663.
Message: Joy share joy double, sorrow share sorrow half.
Blood Group: A+ve
E-mail addresses

Malik Zafar Iqbal Khokhar S/o. Malik Mubarik Ali (Khamoosh Wakeel)
LL. B. (Judge)
Permanent Address: Pakki Gali, Main Bazar Hunjerwal, Multan Road, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-5425434, 0300-4424320 & 0321-4350988
Chamber Phone Nos.:
0092-42-7236666 & 7321099 C/o. Asghar Ali Gill, Advocate.
Blood Group:
Message: "If I had my life to live over, I would have talked less and listened more." This is a line of the verse libre "if I had my life to live over" written by the poet after he found out that he was dying from cancer.

Ch. Munawar Masud Heera S/o. Masud Anwar (Gawachi Gan)
Vice President Sanat Harnam Singh Educational Society
General Secretary Sanjh Swair, Qila Kalar Wala
Member Pakistan Writers' Guild
Poet, Songs Writer, Dramatist, and Novelist
MA (English, Urdu, Punjabi, Political Science), LL. B.
Office: Ashraf Medical Store, Qila Kalar Wala, Tehsil Pasroor, District SIALKOT.
Permanent Address: 28 - Rana Town, Umar-e-Farooq Street, Post Office Awan Town, Multan Road, Opposite Mansoora, LAHORE. Temporary Address: C/o. Mr. Jamil Anwar, 33 - Ittefaq Town Extension, Street No. 2, Multan Road, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-432-632037 & 0300-4373418.
Zafar & Associates, 7/A, Kapoorthala House, Lake Road, Old Anarkali, LAHORE.
Phone (Chamber): 0092-42-7324429 & 7229532.
Blood Group:

Message: My message is love thither it reaches.

Muhammad Aftab Mirza (Ex-Class Representative) S/o. Muhammad Rafique (Criminal)
MA (Political Science & History), LL. B.
Permanent Address: House No. P - 60 - A, Street No. 46, Ravi Mohallah, Block No. 5, Samundri, FAISALABAD.
Temporary Address: House No. 7, Fazi Street No. 7, B. G. P., LAHORE.
Phone Nos.: 0092-300-9496760 & 0333-4039760
Phone Nos. (Residence): 0092-4652-422844, 0300-9496760. Chamber: 146 - Ground Floor, Laywers' Chamber, District Courts, LAHORE.
Phone No. 0092-42-7117899.
Sardar Rana Muhammad Amin Khan S/o. Muhammad Faiz (Shuffler)
M. A. (Political Science), LL. B., D. E. O. (Computer)
Permanent Address: Post Office Nokhar, Village Dewan Singh, Tehsil Noshehra Virkan, GUJRANWALA.
Office Address: 101 - District Court, Jinnah Stadium Road, GUJRANWALA.
Phone No.: 0092-55-6728487, 0300-7443676, 0301-8743676.
Blood Group:
Message: I want to say my friends that these are the golden days of our life. We should cooperate each other and also collect that feeling. Companionship of some moments is blessing. It shall be lost in moments. All who are separating shall collect their sweet memories. No one knows destination of each other.

Ch. Zafar Iqbal Kamboh S/o. Ch. Abdul Aziz (Golibaz)
M. A. (Political Science), LL. B. (Assistant District Public Prosecutor)
Permanent Address: Ahsan Town, near Railway Phatic, Kangniwala, Post Office Anwar Industry, GUJRANWALA.
Phone Nos.: 0092-300-7477488 & 0092-431-272034.
Blood Group:
Message: To seek knowledge from cradle to grave is not only our obligation but it is need of the time. Commitment to excellence is solution of our internal and external problems. It is weapon, which get us rid from ignorance.

Muhammad Azam Bhatti S/o. Muhammad Ashraf (Nikama)
Vice President Social Welfare Society
Hiking Club P. P. S.
Member Photography Club
MA (Political Science), LL. B.
Permanent Address: Haveli Haji Saraj Din, Nizam Pura, Raiwind, Kasur Road, Outside Raja Jang, KASUR.
Temporary Address: A-S Law Associates, 45, Mohallah Baba Fareed Colony, Master Kiryana Store, Near Bismillah & Amin Pan Shops & Ice Factory, Kachha Jail Road, Gondal Chowk, LAHORE.

Office No. 4, 13 - Regal Street, Fahad Arcade, First Floor, 63 - The Mall, Lahore.
Phone Nos.: 0092-333-4302506, 0320-4648325, 0320-4620716. (C/o. Lady Doctor), 0303-6434224, 5823797, (0300-8002351 - Current Phone).

Muhammad Zeeshan Akbar Khan S/o. Akbar Khan (Bay Eeman)
B. Sc., LL. B., LL. M (Student)
Permanent Address: Akbar Khan C/o. Abdul Rashid Tea Stall, Zubair Block, Dogatch Town, Post Office Harbanspura, LAHORE No. 33.
Mailing Address: Sohail Watch Centre, Shop No. 736 - A, Sarwar Road, Sadar Bazar, Lahore Cantonment, LAHORE. Phone No.: 0092-42-6669462.
Phone No.: 0092-42-6631677, 0333-4325501, & 5710153-3, Ext. 324.
E-mail address

Waqas Ahmad Chaudhary S/o. Muhammad Anwar Akhtar (Rice Christian) Happy Marriage on 12-08-2007

B. Sc. (B.Z.U.), LL. B., E. S. C. (P. U.) (Assistant Registrar - Societies)
Permanent Address: House No. 207, Block 13 - B - I, Township, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-5117295, 0300-4801095.
Blood Group: O+ve
Message: Whenever you have a chance, you must cooperate with one another in the matters of right ensues and broad mindedness and do not cooperate in the matters of sin and enmity.

Muhammad Musanjef Riaz S/o. Muhammad Riaz (Convict)

Happy Marriage on 20-07-2009 in Karachi
LL. B., DIP (Student) (Assistant District Public Prosecutor)
Permanent Address: House No. 2, Street No. 13, Bagh Gull Bagum, Mozang, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-300-9456380
Safdar Mahmood: 0300-4525995 ("W" Section)
Alamgir Legal Services, 4 - A, Mozang Road, LAHORE.
Phone No. (Chamber):
Blood Group:
Message: Why do you want true love from others? Why don't you give true love to them?
E-mail addresses and Web sites

Jamil-ud-Din S/o. Muhammad Amin (Chicken Heart)
LL. B., M. A. (Political Science), LLM (SU)
Chamber: ???.
Phone No.: 0333-4274532.
E-mail addresse
Phone Nos. (Chamber).: 0092-42-???

Muhammad Waseem S/o. Muhammad Munir (Proclaimed Offender)
LL. B., LL. M. (England), Barrister
Permanent Address: 211 - Pak Block, Allama Iqbal Town, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-7833860, 0300-4258434, & 0305-4630626.
Blood Group: A+ve
Message: I cannot give you the formula of success but of failure. Try to please everybody.
Babar Meraj S/o. Meraj Din (Pirate)
LL. B. (Assistant District Public Prosecutor)
Permanent Address: O - 6, Chauburgi Garden Estate, Multan Road, Lahore.
Village Home Address: Village Jodhu Dheer, Post Office Raiwind, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-333-4302198.
Chamber: Bhatti Law Associates, 17/39-A, Imitaz Chamber, Lower Mall, Near Session Court, LAHORE.
Phone (Chamber): 0092-42-7111423.
Blood Group: A+ve
Message: How can you love another if you don't love yourself?
Imran Saleem S/o. Muhammad Saleem (Process Server)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Abid Saleem Medical Store, Katchery (Courts') Road, NAROWAL.
Phone No.: 0092-4343-410132.
Blood Group: A+ve
Message: Man should prepare himself for examination to gain success and to avoid any difficulty.
Zaigham Abbas S/o. Rehmat Ali Khokhar (Marginal Witness)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Mohallah Kawajgan, near Imamia Hall, NAROWAL.
Phone No.: 0092-4343-410132.
Blood Group: AB+ve
Message: If you believe on success thus it is your duty that don't waste any moment to gain success.
Muhammad Kaleem Aslam Awan S/o. Muhammad Aslam Awan (Ma'an Moji)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Village Rattowal, Post Office Punnowal, SIALKOT.
Phone Nos. (Residence): 0092-42-5155980 & 0432-530877, & Personal Mobile No. 0333-8602663.
Phone No. (Chamber): 0092-0432-266171.
Blood Group: A+ve
Message: A man is nothing apart from other society members. Society makes a person civilized and civilization comes from the Injunctions of Quran.
E-mail addresses
Wajahat Hussain Rana S/o. Rana Muhammad Iqbal Nasir (Accused)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Ward No. 9, Tehsil Kallur Kot, BHAKKAR.
Phone Nos.: 0092-4525-200861, 042-5852661, 0300-9439075.
Blood Group: AB+ve
Message: Life is not a matter of holding good cards but of playing with poor hands well.
Shazib Dar S/o. Muhammad Siddique Dar (Attorney General)
LL. B. (Judge), (Happy Marriage held on _________________________)
Permanent Address: House No. 383, Street Siddique Dar, Wali Mohallah, Haidry, Tehsil Kamonke, District GUJRANWALA. 13/2, Shahid Manzil, Hajveri Park, Rattigan Road, Veterinary (Horse) Hospital, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-435-810981, 0333-4345974.
Blood Group: O+ve
Message: Try to have sublime faith in yourself because only then you will have sublime faith in mankind.
E-mail address

Ch. Aftab Alam Virk S/o. Muhammad Sharif (Smuggler)
LL. B., M. A. (Political Science) (Special Prosecutor)
Permanent Address: Village and Post Office Kotly Nawab, Tehsil Kamonkey, GUJRANWALA.
Phone Nos.: 0092-431-793025, 042-5121805, 6312530, 0300-4921595.
Sardar Muhammad Ishaq Law Chamber, 55-B, Civil Lines, RAWALPINDI, Office District Courts: D Block, Room No. 7, Near Post Office, District Courts, RAWALPINDI - Phone: 051-5528044.
Phone No. (Chamber):
Blood Group:
Message: Only trust on Allah and His Apostle (PBUH) and not on materials. Try ever to give smile and happiness to others and not give them sorrows. Pray for all and not for himself.

Rana Shaukat Ali S/o. Hadayat Ali (Noori Nat)
LL. B., (Happy Marriage held on ____________________, 2007)
Permanent Address: House No. 2, Street No. 10, Sir Shahab Park, Sui Gas Road, Shahdara, LAHORE.
Phone Nos.: 0092-42-7924901, 0333-4323375, 0304-4034401, 04947-680037, 7930185.
Chamber: Burhan Moazzam Lawyers' Constellation , 30 - Meclagon Road, LAHORE.
Phone Nos.: 0092-42-7225057 & 7350069, Session Court: 0092-42-7115033.
Blood Group: O+ve
Message: Your natural companion and real identity is the man within you. Your inner self is to make you worthy of reward or deserving of punishment. The decision lies with you. If your inner self is safe you are safe if not, then not.

Mudassar Shuja-ud-Din S/o. Muhammad Shuja-ud-Din (Bay Faida)
LL. B. (Married on ___________________, 2008)
Permanent Address: 574 - F Block, Gulshan-e-Ravi, LAHORE.
Phone Nos.: 0092-42-7463963, 7465109, & (Shop) 7651843. Chamber: Tax Forum, 7 - Canal Bank Road, Aziz Avenue, Gulberg V, LAHORE. Phone Nos. (Chamber). 5717101-2, 0300-4572210.
Blood Group: B+ve
Message: God has given us a grand opportunity to show our worth as a great architect of state and let it not be said that we did not achieve the task upto required extent.E-mail addresses

Rana Tanveer Ahmed S/o. Muhammad Ramzan (Case Witness)
LL. B. (Assistant District Public Prosecutor)
Permanent Address: Wandala Dial Shah, Post Office Shahdara, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-7927017, 0300-4686723.
Ferozwala Courts, LAHORE.
If lust for gold and sensual pleasure renounced, life become easy.
Umar Farooq S/o. Khadim Hussain (Fugitive)
LL. B. (Highway Police)
Permanent Address: House No. 8, Street No. 24, Aziz Colony, Wandala Road, Shahdara, LAHORE.
Phone Nos.: 0092-42-7925709, 0303-6429635.
Blood Group: NIL
Message: When you have any relation, try to keep it up.
Rana Farooq Maqbool S/o. Rana Maqbool Ahmed (Bailiff)
LL. B. (Married on ___________________, 2008)
Permanent Address: House No. 13, Street No. 17, Amin Park, Behind Firdous Flour Mills, Bund Road, LAHORE.
Phone Nos.: 0092-42-7410708, 0300-9413017.
Lawyers' Chambers, Office No. 122, District Courts, LAHORE.
Do not destroy any body's peace, you will find peace. Raise thy self as such a height that issuing before each decree God himself ask his servant what is thy pleasure.
Muhammad Shabir S/o. Muhammad Siddique (Chance Witness)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Dr. Ilyas Street No. 35, Faisal Town, LAHORE.
Ahmed House, near Masjid Rehmania, Bilal Park, Kamonke, GUJRANWALA.
Phone Nos.: 0092-435-810359, 414508, 813202.
Blood Group: A+ve
Message: Give the pleasure and happy to all the people at every moment. Living life with smile face and be happy.
Azmat Hayat Gill S/o. Shoukat Hayat Gill (Kora Kaghiz)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Chak No. 272/R. B., FAISALABAD.
Phone No.: 0092-333-4213672.
Phone No. (Residence): 0303-6704072.
Message: Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas, and greatest minds act in silence.
Muhammad Ali Babar S/o. Muhammad Anwar Ali (Public Prosecutor)
LL. B., M. A. (Political Science), (Happy Marriage held on Wednesday November 18, 2009)
Phone Nos.: 0092-4942-421794, 423792, 0300-9494561, and 0300-8097897.
Permanent Address: Village Srasar, Chak No. 21, Tehsil Patoki, District KASUR.
Temporary Address: Bilal Colony, Near Islamia Elementary School, PATTOKI.
Message: We should act upon cannon of the Islam. We should perform our duties honestly.
Blood Group: B+ve

Mian Muhammad Irfan S/o. Muhammad Iqbal (Shaitaan)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Farooq Tufail Printing Press, Gojca Road, Samundri, FAISALABAD.
Phone No.: 0092-4652-422858, 0300-4360357.
Chamber: clp solicitors, Suite No. 3, 1st. Floor, Al-Qadar Centre, 1-Mozang Road, LAAHORE - 54000.
Phone No.(Chamber): 0092-42-7355635 & 8455975.


Sardar Shahbaz Khan S/o. Qazi Amir Abdullah Khan (Advocate) (Pathan)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: 1/A - 7, Muslim Colony, MIANWALI.
Phone No.: 0092-459-36491.
Message: There are many ups and downs in man's life but a man must be constant and must face the thorns of prevailing circumstances with open arms considering them a big challenge.
E-mail address
Waqar-ul-Hassan S/o. Hassan Akhtar (Sub sey Aagay)
LL. B. (Happy Marriage held on Sunday October 28, 2007)
Permanent Address: House No. 16, Army Housing Defence, Opposite Nishat Colony, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-5734229, 0333-4263182.
Message: A bundle of thanks for joining me in your diary.
E-mail addresses
Abdul Shakoor S/o. Zahoor Din (Jat Da Veer)
Permanent Address: Burj Attari, Tehsil Ferozewala, Post Office Burj Attari, SHEIKHUPURA.
Phone No.: 0092-4931-311053, 0300-8828534.
Chamber: M. Akram Gondal, Adocate High Court, Room No. 103 - Lawyers Chamber, District Courts, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-7229648.
Malik Waseem Ahmad S/o. Malik Naseer Ahmad (Jo Jo)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Chah Dadraywala, Sharqpur Sharif, Tehsil Ferozewala, District SHEIKHUPURA.
Chamber: Taxcom, Advocates & Consultants - Customs, Central Excise & Sales' Tax Laws, 808 - Eden Heights, 6 - Main Gulberg, LAHORE. Phone No. 5875840-1.
Phone No.: 0092-333-4324337.
E-mail address

Moazzam Abou Dawood S/o. Moj Khan (Paindoo)
LL. B.

Happy Marriage LL. B.Happy Marriage held on 22-09-2004
Permanent Address: Village Shahzada, Post Office Khahna Neu, LAHORE.
Phone Nos.: 0092-42-5812437 & 0300-8029686
Message: I want to say that when we shall have leave this college then the best wishes of every student shall remain or/alike that. In future we should not forget to anyone and we shall meet for all in such pleasure as now, we have meet. Allah may succeed to all.

Muhammad Asghar Warraich S/o. Haji Inayat Ali Warraich (Jat Putar)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Pipnakha, Post Office Same, Tehsil & District GUJRANWALA.
Phone Nos.: 0092-431-797139, 797468, 266382, 0321-6447013, 0300-6435926, 0345-6474764.
Blood Group: B+ve
Message: Treat your friends as you do your pictures and place them in their best light always.

Javed Iqbal S/o. Mian Jan Muhammad (Contempt of Court)
LL. B. (Judge)
Permanent Address: Village and Post Office Rawana Via Kot Moman, Tehsil Bhalwal, SARGODHA.
Phone No.: 0092-455-890153, 0303-6727739.
Blood Group: AB+ve
Message: Speak truth, work hard, and always believe in Allah only. You cannot keep the people happy but you can keep the Allah Almighty.
Atif Ali Mushtaq S/o. Mushtaq Ali Awan (Masoom Jan)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: 365 - D, Housing Colony, Madina Town, Jaranwala, FAISALABAD.
Phone No.: 0092-468-312043.
Phone No. (Office): 0092-468-312543.
Blood Group: B+ve
Message: Think all affairs of life in the positive aspects, if you want to succeed in life.
Ali Mansoor Lone S/o. Mansoor Iqbal (Lost Person)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: 11 - D, Model Town, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-5860310.
Blood Group: O+ve
Message: "Deepest places of hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality even when morality is in crises." - Dante (Italian Poet)
Rana Ghulam Dastgeer Khan S/o. Rana Aurangzeb Khan (Fazool Insan)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: 307-2-C-1, Township, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-5152222, 0333-4241782.
Ch. Muzammal Khan, Advocate Supreme Court, 3 - Turner Road, LAHORE.
Phone No. (Chamber):
Blood Group:
Message: Always have revolutionary ideas but not perverted.

Rana Muhammad Zubair Bulqan S/o. Bulkan Khan (Coming Attraction)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Near Thana Sadar, Chak No. 473/G. B., Beeja, Tehsil Samundri, FAISALABAD.

Residence: Bilal St. 1, Toheed Manzal, Behind Sodiwal Quarters, Multan Road, Lahore.

Office: Flat No. 208, Latif Plaza, Ichhra, Lahore.
Phone No.: 0092-4652-420950, 0333-4303230

Rana Muhammad Nawaz S/o. Rafique Ahmad (Back Seater)
LL. B. (Married on ___________________, 2006)
Permanent Address: Village Bhalai Gill, Post Office Thokar Niaz Baig, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-
321-4129592, Office: 7229648 (103, Lawyers' Chamber, District Courts, LAHORE).
Usman Zafar Bajwa (Absconder)
Phone Nos.: 0092-300-4236375, 042-7981489.
Permanent Address: Mureedke, LAHORE.
Raza Hussain Shamsi, Teacher
LL. B.
Message: Greatness is a measure of one's spirit; not a result of one's rank in human affairs. The cobbler of my mohallah may be more honour-able and self-respecting than the Commissioner of Lahore Division.
Remember secret of self-respect is one's Khudi.
Ghulam Murtaza Gondal S/o. Ghulam Hyder Gondal
LL. B.
Permanent Address: Village Wasu, Tehsil and District MANDI BAHA-UD-DIN.
Phone No.: 0092-456-5015559.
Blood Group: O+ve
Message: Smile, it will vanish your sorrows.
Ahmed S/o. Muhammad Ashraf (College ki Shan) 
LL. B. Permanent Address: 490 - E - I, Wapda 
Town, LAHORE. Phone No.: 
0092-301-4499053. Residence 
Rana Nadeem Abbas S/o. Rana Irshad Ahmad (Pigheaded)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: 80 - Mehran Block, Allama Iqbal Town, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-320-4621714.
Blood Group: A+ve
Muhammad Rafique Zahid S/o. Muhammad Amin (Phan-e-Khan)
M. A. (Islamic Study), LL. B.
Secretary Masjid Committee, Sultankey
Permanent Address: Village Sultankey, near Sunder Adda, Multan Road, LAHORE.
Chamber: Bhatti Law Associates, 5 - A, Ferozepur Road, Near Mozang Chungi, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-7860588, 0300-4516588, Office: 7594797.
Message: I want to say my friends always be happy and ever trust on Allah's blessings.
Muhammad Umer Farooq Kalyar S/o. Muhammad Khalid (The One and Only)
LL. B. (HAPPY MARRIAGE - October 10, 2004)
Permanent Address: Aziz Colony, Mian Channan Din Park, Behind Imam Bargah, Vandala Road, Shahdara, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-7923453, 0300-4384038.
Blood Group: AB+ve
Message: Be happy and love with everyone.
Rana Tahir Mahmood S/o. Rana Muhammad Anwer Khan (Pir Sahib)
M. A. (Political Science & Islamic Studies), LL. B.
Permanent Address: 99 - B, Allama Iqbal Road, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-6316588 & 0333-4230906, 0333-4238204, 0333-4735191.
Blood Group: B+ve
Message: No doubt, obedience is in valid commandments, there is no obedience in the disobedience of the Creator.
Muhammad Shahnawaz Nizami Naqshbandi Latifi S/o. Sher Muhammad Nizami (Petitioner)
LL. B.
Permanent Address: House No. 38, Street No. 3, Mohallah Usman Nagar, Ghazi Abad, Near Jamia Ghousia Eid Gah, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-6816180, 0300-4238316.
Blood Group: NIL
Message: Equality in measurement has a great importance for living/survival of any society. First deserve, then desire.
E-mail addresses

Safdar Mahmood Mughal S/o. Inayat Ullah (Golimar)
Happy Marriage on 23-06-2008

LL. B., Diploma in Intellectual Property.
Permanent Address: Gumbad Dara Shikow, Kareem Park, Chah Miran, Kot Khawaja Saeed, LAHORE.
Phone No.: 0092-42-7234228, 0300-4525995.
Blood Group: NIL
Message: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
E-mail addresses

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