Last Updated: Monday July 03, 2006

Copy of Assessment from register in form PT-1

For the year . Rating Area Lahore

Serial No.

Name or number of the Sub-Division in which the property is situated.


Designation of the property number and Bungalow or Mosque.


Name percentage and residence of the owner.




Name and percentage caste and residence of the present occupier.




Total area of the site of the land.

Size of the building according to the plinth area.

No. of stories

Number of rooms.

Present condition of the building.

Site rent, if any, payable.

In the case land not occupied by the building.

A sum of which the land is put.

Gross rental value assessed.



Clause (a)

Clause (b)

Clause (c)






Annual value proposed.

Annual value fixed in pursuance of an objection.

Annual value fixed in pursuance of an appeal.







Assessing Authority

Rating Area, Lahore


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